Grow with Us

Ever wonder why we need rhymes in our lives to keep in touch with our roots of innocence our inner child never grows up ,does it ??? It is not possible to not sing along everytime “johny johny” plays up. We at Videogyan try to redefine your experience of watching some of your favourite rhymes & recollect those memories. Children's heart will be captivated by the zenith it brings.

Amazing and refreshing videos that will help your little ones to enjoy wholeheartedly . And not just that we create our own 3D characters, the ones who are simply impossible not fall in love with.They are our brand ambassadors who help kids to get nurtured in a playful environment .

The “stepping stones” though small ensures that the beginning of a joyful journey. The kid’s formative years are very crucial in order to make them go forward to better learning and living. Videogyan with this aim started a multiple foray of kids content ranging from Classic rhymes, learning songs, Kids shows,etc which tries to ensure that the kid gets learning along with fun elements and immersive visualisation.

We make kid friendly shows that teaches early life lessons by leaving a positive impact which helps them to nurture and grow in a healthy environment. It is never too early to begin to tread in the right direction and we constantly ensure to give our children the right beginning. We grow with kids and the kids grow with us.

Enter the world of Videogyan and see for yourself the world that is there within.