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Four channels have joined the elite list of India’s YouTube channels with revenues of at least $1 million as the country’s online usage continues to soar, according to Vidooly.

Two of the newcomers specialise in children’s videos, another creates spoofs of popular Hindi films and TV series and the fourth offers beauty tutorials mixed with observations on her life.

The list of the top 10 online creators in India in 2015 was compiled by Vidooly, a Noida-based marketing and analytics firm, which helps creators and YouTube channels attract more viewers. All 10 channels have earned at least $US1 million in revenues.

“ YouTube India has over 60 million unique users in India with users spending more than 48 hours a month viewing content ,” Vidooly co-founder Subrat Kar said. “More than 70% of YouTube viewers in India are below the age of 35. Given that 65% of India’s population is below the age of 35 there is tremendous potential for content creators to monetize more as internet penetration deepens and to create content that caters to this younger audience.”

YouTube’s partnership program gives 55% of advertising revenues to the creators. “In terms of profitability the channels that have a single creator or low production cost can monetize well and hence are profitable,” Kar said.

In the past year the amount of content uploaded to YouTube in India has grown by 90% while watch-time has risen by 80% year on year, according to Google GOOGL +0.69%. “India is seeing an emergence of a new generation of YouTube creators who are capturing the color, music, humour, and drama of India more creatively than ever before, ” David Macdonald, head of YouTube Spaces in Asia Pacific, said at the launch of YouTube Space in Mumbai, a collaboration with the film school Whistling Woods International.

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