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Videogyan – as the name suggests, it’s about learning through media (“gyan” means knowledge in Sanskrit). We are a new age media company that creates entertaining and knowledgeable videos for kids and publishes them on the web.

Videogyan was started in 2011 with a vision to bring animated and colorful content to young budding minds. We believe in producing rich, reliable , knowledgeable content that kids love about and give them an unforgettable visual experience. We make our videos easy to access which can be watched online across various platforms and devices. We intend to bring kindergarten at their doorsteps.

Our success is built on the relationships we have cultivated over the years with our audience around the world. We have published countless rich quality 3D and 2D content in English, Spanish and other major languages of the world.

Videogyan has over 5 Billion Views and over 10 million subscribers on Youtube, around the world on our channels. Videogyan’s content captivate children to learn, sing and dance to the foot tapping numbers and engaging animations.This combination of great music and colourful visuals enables even parents to have fun along with their children.

Below is a sneak peak into our office where all these beautiful content is prepared. You can also see the team that makes awesome content to the kids.


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